We moved to Scotland 10 years ago to experience the wide open spaces and quiet roads that enabled us to enjoy to the full our classic MG sports cars.

Unfortunately Allan was made redundant and the question arose 'can we afford to keep the cars'.

The answer was to set up Highland Classic Car Hire which had been considered as an option several years earlier. The beauty of this being to keep the cars and drive them when we can and share our experience with our clients.

Having been an engineer all his working life Allan has an intimate knowledge of all the cars in the fleet as he has rebuilt most of them himself and services them all.

Currently there are two cars waiting for attention - an MG 1300 saloon, a departure from sports cars and the back-up MGB roadster that needs a full rebuild.

Jenny having been in secretarial work is the ideal partner to keep the office in order.

Look at our restoration gallery for shots of work in progress.

The back up 1970 MG Roadster is now being restored and the MG 1300 has been sidelined yet again but will be next.
We also can no longer offer a 2003 MG Rover MG TF

We hope that you will enjoy driving our cars as much as we do and look forward to seeing you.

Allan & Jenny Leigh